Mishaps & Fairy Dust

Mishaps Fairy Dust eBook Cover 6x9
Author: Louise Nelson
Publisher: Emery Road Publications
On Sale: 4/15/2024
Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction, Contemporary, Coming of Age

Magnolia Goldsteen has pretty much one thing on her mind: watch the nose!

That is, until a particular mishap involving her nose has her dad grasping at straws for a reasonable explanation for his daughter’s clumsiness. When doctor’s visits lead to inconclusive results, there’s only one thing left to do: take a cooking class.

Never in her wildest dreams did Magnolia think her dad would go on a mission to start healthy habits. But that might just work out for everyone. Because in the pursuit of healthy eating, they meet a woman who seems to be the perfect match for her dad.

Now, she has one extra thing on her mind: devise a plan with the woman’s daughter to spark a budding relationship between their parents.

Oh, and make sure the neighbor’s grandson never sees her wearing spandex ever again.

There’s just one big problem to her matchmaking plan. Sometimes allowing love again isn’t easy when grief stands in the way.

Mishaps & Fairy Dust is a funny, quirky, and heartfelt tale of new friendships and a budding career in matchmaking.

The Parent Trap meets Boy Meets World.

Ages 8–12

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Contemporary Middle-Grade Fiction

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The Parent Trap Meets Boy Meets World…

…in this contemporary coming-of-age novel about a young accident-prone girl named Magnolia Goldsteen who teams up with a new friend for a little match-making adventure. But she better watch out because she might just meet a boy of her own in the process!

Look for the sequel — coming soon!

For Ages 8+

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