Platform 273 (The Hexon Code, Book 15?)

Author: Jody Calkins
Series: The Hexon Code
Publisher: Emery Road Publications
On Sale: 10/8/2018
Genre: YA Fiction, Dystopian Thriller, Romance, Survival Stories

Turning sixteen is just the beginning…

Turning sixteen should be something a girl looks forward to… but not for most girls in Houston, Texas in the year 2116, and especially not for Adrienne Harrington. For her, turning sixteen is a death sentence. Maybe not right away, but surely within the next ten years.

Lucky for her, her father convinced her she could escape the city’s requirements. All she had to do was bide her time, take her arranged-marriage husband by surprise, swim to shore, and run.

Only when she arrives on the old oil rig platform, she’s not prepared for the complexity of the task. Because suddenly it’s not as easy as swimming a few hundred feet to dry land. Or simply knocking her husband unconscious so she can escape alone.

Now, it’s thirty miles. And the boy the center chose for her just so happens to be the Luke McCoy.

Now she must make a choice: live with the life the center has chosen for her and bear children to help regrow the city’s population… or convince Luke that they must swim to shore and run. At this point, he’ll take anything if it means he gets to live.

But there’s just one other complication… she can’t swim.

Will they get to shore? Or will they be forced to do what the city requires?

Set in the world of The Hexon Code, but thirty-six years after ShatteredPlatform 273, a young adult dystopian drama, is about a girl’s struggle to overcome society’s messed up rules.

*Book number is tentative.

Book Series – The Hexon Code

Welcome to The Hexon Code, my story world where assumptions, preconceived notions, and morals are challenged. You’ll meet interesting characters with questionable actions, a good heart, and a strong resolve to set things right no matter the risk.

Set in a futuristic society, The Hexon Code series revolves around characters in several regions of the United States who get caught up in a secret plot against all of humanity. In this futuristic, dystopian-esque, apocalyptic thriller/drama series, not all things are what they seem and emotions run high.

If you’re ready for chilling, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching drama, you will love this series!

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