Shattered (The Hexon Code, Book 1)

Shattered eBook Cover 2021
Author: Jody Calkins
Series: The Hexon Code
Publisher: Emery Road Publications
On Sale: 11/23/2017
Genre: YA Fiction, Dystopian, Ghost Thriller

A teenage orphan. A draconian academy. Harrowing truths. Can she stop the director’s evil plan before her friends become victims, too?

Fifteen-year-old Marris Sheffield is clear about one thing: she is stuck within the confines of the orphanage’s heavily fortified grounds for another three years. But after a mysterious illness sweeps across the academy and multiple deaths occur, Marris’ fate is sealed forever. Because… she’s dead.

But Marris knows her illness and death were no accident. And she’s hellbent on revenge. The trouble is, as she begins to learn the chilling truth about the place she has called home for seven years, she realizes the complexity of the academy’s evil plan.

Now she will be forced to choose between seeking revenge and saving her friends. With her moral dilemma looming overhead, the chance at either may just slip from her grasp.

Will Marris save her friends before the flames erase all the evidence? Or will her revenge grant her an eternity of wandering the academy’s blackened halls?

Don’t miss Shattered, the first of The Hexon Code Series by Jody Calkins. If you like Lois Duncan, Christopher Pike, and Madeleine Roux, then this young adult thriller will have you turning the pages!

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Book Series – The Hexon Code

Welcome to The Hexon Code, my story world where assumptions, preconceived notions, and morals are challenged. You’ll meet interesting characters with questionable actions, a good heart, and a strong resolve to set things right no matter the risk.

Set in a futuristic society, The Hexon Code series revolves around characters in several regions of the United States who get caught up in a secret plot against all of humanity. In this futuristic, dystopian-esque, apocalyptic thriller/drama series, not all things are what they seem and emotions run high.

If you’re ready for chilling, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching drama, you will love this series!

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