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This Dystopian eBook Bundle includes six full-length novels + one bonus short story. The suggested reading order is as follows:

book Shattered (Book 1)
book Taken (Short Story)
book Redeemed (Book 2)
book Blackout (Book 3)
book Outcast (Book 4)
book No Way Out (Book 5)
book Breakout (Book 6)

Welcome to The Hexon Code!


Welcome to The Hexon Code, my story world where assumptions, preconceived notions, and morals are challenged. You’ll meet interesting characters with questionable actions, a good heart, and a strong resolve to set things right no matter the risk.

Set in a futuristic, dystopian-esque, apocalyptic society, The Hexon Code series revolves around characters in several regions of the United States who get caught up in a secret plot against all of humanity, where things aren’t always what they seem and emotions are running high.

The story begins with Dana Winters, a young girl who is taken to Riverbrook Academy for Unwanted Children after her parents are murdered, and Donovan Winden, a young forensic scientist who will stop at nothing to protect her.

If you’re ready for chilling, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching drama, you will love this series!

The Hexon Code is packed with twists, turns, edge-of-your-seat, pulse-racing thrilling suspense, and tear-jerker love stories.

Books in The Hexon Code series:
Prequel Short Story – Taken
Book 1 – Shattered
Book 2 – Redeemed
Book 3 – Blackout
Book 4 – Outcast
Book 5 – No Way Out
Book 6 – Breakout
Book 7 – Sabotage (not included in this ebook bundle)

The six full-length novels included in this ebook bundle:
Shattered – Harrowing truths has this spunky teen set on revenge in this YA ghost thriller. But while she seeks justice, can she save her friends before it’s too late? Book 1 in The Hexon Code series.

Redeemed – Riverbrook Academy is open and the children are back in this chilling sequel of The Hexon Code. More revelations will be revealed, and readers will learn of a secret agency that may just make Riverbrook pale in comparison.

Blackout – Twenty years have passed since Riverbrook and the country has fallen. Now regions of the US have gathered survivors and each has its own set of rules. But Faction 73 has different ideas in mind and debts must be repaid.

Outcast – Forcible recruitment into Faction 73 is the least of Ivy’s concerns, but when she discovers the consequences for showing up late to the transport van, things get alarmingly worse!

No Way Out – A daring escape leads these recruits right back into danger. Will they escape once again? And how will they survive the new dangers that lurk?

Breakout – More debts are repaid in this YA survival thriller drama novel. But there’s a greater plan in the works. One that involves setting aside personal goals to join forces in taking down Faction 73 once and for all. But when plans change, it’s a dangerous race to save the girl he loves.

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Dystopian eBook Bundle