Breakout (The Hexon Code, Book 6) – Audiobook

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Lies only get you so far…

Tessa thought she was happy. She had a boyfriend, she was the lead gymnast at her school, and she had just received a full-ride scholarship for a degree in mathematics.

Until she met Damien at a dance workshop over winter break…

Everything changed that day. She had been living a lie. And most importantly, she was lying to herself.

But when she tried to be honest, everything blew up in her face. And to make matters worse, she was recruited by Faction 73.

All she wanted was to feel something. To feel love. To feel all the things she had felt at the workshop.

But now with her whole world turned upside down, is her chance at love gone? And how can she have it when Faction 73 rules her life?

Breakout, the sixth book in The Hexon Code series, is an emotional tale of lost love and lost memories set in a dystopian society.

Look for the next book in the series, Sabotage!

Breakout (The Hexon Code, Book 6) – Audiobook