Sabotage (The Hexon Code, Book 7) – Audiobook

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The people have revolted. The guards are dead. The city has fallen.

When the gangs overtake the city of Detroit, killing the city officials and the guards, Kallis finds herself in her worst nightmare.

Fast-forward three years and her life is still a living hell. It’s been a year since she was sold last, but Henry, her new owner and one of the gang’s leaders, is anything but kind. She walks on eggshells, worried she’ll do something wrong.

She’s wanted out, to escape Detroit—not that she would have attempted to escape. She’s certain getting caught would result in something far worse.

But when Henry tells her he’s taking her out of the city, she’s not sure if that’s a good thing. Leaving with him?

There’s no choice to be made though because an attack sends them charging out of the city ahead of schedule.

Barely making it out alive was bad enough, but then they run into another snag. They have to go back and make right on an agreement Henry had made when he bought her.

Will they survive a second time around? And what will Henry do to make things right with Kallis after everything he’s done?

Sabotage (The Hexon Code, Book 7) is a tense, hair-raising wild ride of emotions.

Not for all readers.

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Sabotage (The Hexon Code, Book 7) – Audiobook